Celtic civilization and unknown facts

Celts God
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Celts was a tribe that lived in Europe around the first millennium. They left their homeland of Central Europe in 2000 BC. The majority of the people settled in Spain, Gaul, and the British Isles.

The word Celtic was first mentioned by the Greek historian Hecataeus in Greek mythology in 517 BC. Celtic word; It means brave, warrior, virtuous. It is one of the tribes that lived in Europe in the first age period. In 2000 BC, the Celts migrated from their homeland, Central Europe. Most settled in Spain, Gaul and the British Isles.

They contain many features. Besides their warrior personalities, they had advanced hunting tactics for the period. They are also very advanced in the field of agriculture. They made some inventions. The Celts invented the barrel and the plow.

Celtic beliefs

The majority of them were nomads. They learned certain practices from the Greeks and Etruscans throughout these travels. With the techniques they mastered, they progressed in the fields of cauldron and pottery. They revere the gods of the land, whom they regard as protectors of their wares, as a religious belief. Druids, or clergy, were revered as the custodians of their traditions, such as seers and judges. They dwelt under the Druits’ protection.

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Cats were considered the guardians of supreme powers in Celtic civilization. That’s why people were afraid of cats. That’s why people didn’t care much for cats. When the motifs from the Celtic civilization are examined, it is seen that one of the least included figures is cats. The reason for this is the fear of cats and the extreme respect they have for cats. Despite these fears, cats were sacrificed in religious ceremonies as a requirement of their religion. Celts are more brutal than many civilizations in Europe.

The Celts attached great importance to their religious beliefs. Religion was a goal for them. According to Celtic belief, horse meat was inedible. There is no written culture among the Celts. Priests called Durid led the people and wrote poems. Celtic religions are polytheistic. Their most important god is the sun god. His name is Lugus. Today, Lugus is identified with Apollo.

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Celtics today;

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Isle of Man
  • Breton
  • Cornwall

They were destroyed by the Romans after Christ. Celts generally lived until the Middle Ages. However, researches indicate that this civilization partially existed in the Breton and Irish regions even today.

In the historical researches, it is seen that the Celts are the most warlike people of Europe.

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