Myrleia Ancient City and its mosaics will shed light on the past

Myrleia Ancient City

Restoration and conservation works of the mosaics, which are located in the Mudanya district of Bursa city in Turkey, in a part of the ancient city of Myrleia, whose history dates back 2,700 years, and for which work has been initiated, continue.

Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Cultural Heritage Preservation and Restoration Department Dr. Murat Cura, who carries out the conservation and repair works of mosaic flooring, said that the area was discovered during the excavations in 2015 and the mosaic was taken under temporary protection.

He stated that this was not enough and that the mosaic was worn out over time, causing distortions, lifting and losses. Afterwards, he stated that they started the conservation work with their students upon request.

“There is a small corner of the mosaic left to collect, then we will take care of it. It is damaged when it is walked on because it rains and the layers below are emptied. We will fill them and put a material under them. Then we will add roofing material on it and keep it under constant protection.”

Emphasizing that the mosaic is special, Cura said, “As far as I know, there is a very similar mosaic in Antendros. There are 5-6 examples like this, but it is a very valuable example because it is completely preserved (as is Antendros). Of course, it needs maintenance and constant protection. So, it is more important for our country to preserve it after excavation than to excavate.” said.

Murat Cura told AA, “We started our work here for about 10-15 days with this project, but partial cleaning was done before. We will work here for another 1-1.5 months, combining it with the previous works.”

Uludağ University Archeology Department Head Prof Dr Mustafa Şahin stated that there is a mythological story about the region and that this is very important as it shows that the city may have existed before the 8th century.

Myrleia Ancient City and its mosaics. Photo: NTV

“We know that the name Myrleia continued until V. Philip, King of Macedonia. V. Philip takes the city, which is in the hands of the Pergamons, from the Kingdom of Pergamon, and hands it over to I.Prusias, who is also his relative, the King of Bithynia. I. Prusias transforms the city into a modern, Hellenistic city, changes its name, and names it Apamea, based on the name of his wife, and this name continues as Apamea until the Roman Imperial period.”

It is important that Apamea was founded in 48 BC by Julius Caesar, one of the important rulers of the Roman Republic, as the first colonial city in Anatolia. And thus, one of the biggest cities of the period was formed.

Therefore, the mosaics inside the villas and villas, which were unearthed during the excavations carried out under the direction of Bursa Archeology Museum Directorate in 2015, are very important data pointing to these glorious days. There must be a large number of these villas. Mudanya Municipality is trying to include the rest of these villas in Bursa especially in cultural tourism.

Mustafa Şahin “If the city of Myrliea or Apamea in Mudanya can be discovered, Bursa will have attained a very important ancient city in terms of cultural tourism. I hope that in the near future, other parts will be added besides the parts that reveal the city.” said

Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz said that, of course, they were very happy after learning that historical findings were found in the region. “Due to our understanding, we have started to do our part, together with all our employees and our team, to bring these values ​​belonging to the 7th-8th centuries BC to humanity. We have planned everything, including the expropriation of the region. We are trying to bring this beauty to humanity by striving beyond our power. And we will succeed. “